Meet the Botox Queens

Updated: Jan 4

Meet the “Queens ” of making fine lines disappear.

LuAnne Murphy, ANP Injector and Cayce Chavis, APRN Injector have combined techniques that help women and men look and feel younger from the inside out.

They pride themselves on having a well-rounded understanding and expertise in the field of aesthetics.

Scotland MedSpa provides a personalized, natural, and educational approach to all aesthetic treatments. This gives the patients an understanding of the aesthetic experience and helps the patient feel confident and heard.

Getting to know you and understanding your "list of concerns” is critical to developing a treatment plan that our clients fall in love with. We focus on helping you learn about the products and procedures on the market today. This is important in your decision-making process.

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Before and After Botox Dysport. Photos by Scotland MedSpa + Primary Care

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